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Volunteers planting trees and creating a sensory garden. There are many ways to find out more contact

FoLaR is a local volunteer community group, established to make make the Rec. a place where there is something for everyone. We aim to increase biodiversity and improve

opportunities for play, sport and relaxation, creating a space where the wonderful North Kingston community spirit can flourish.  It is our long term aim to replace the pavilion that once existed on the Rec. See other pages on the website to find out what we have achieved to date!


       The Latch Cafe


          opening hours 


    8.30am - dusk, Daily


        selling excellent coffee, 

      pastries and savoury items.

Come and try it out!

  Coming Up

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Would you like to help with FoLaR... just occasionally....or more?


Testing out a new bench!


The pond, established in 2021, and wildlife took no time at all to find it! Volunteers maintain it and monitor the arrival of plants and species. If you woudl like to help

We have groups gardening, planning and running events, managing the pond and much more. Give as much or as little time as you would like! Its great fun and, often, quite good exercise too! We are a friendly welcoming group and would love to hear from you.  Contact to request more information.


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Support Us by Donating (button below). or play the Kingston Community Lottery at £1.00 per week with a chance to win £20,000! That's twenty thousand pounds!

50% of ticket price goes goes directly to FoLaR!