Our Vision

"For Latchmere Recreation Ground to embody the community cohesion and spirit of North Kingston. It will be known as an attractive, well-managed and valued neighbourhood green space that has something for everyone, from open fields for general recreation to areas for quiet reflection. The pavilion will offer a sense of community, providing a focal point for a range of activities”

Community Inclusion, Well-Being and Biodiversity are at the heart of what FOLAR is seeking to achieve for Latchmere Rec and the North Kingston families that it serves.

Our History

Our history is very short! In Autumn, 2017, a group of local residents got together with the aim of working with the community to improve the Rec. We wanted to make this green space a potential resource for all; a place you might walk to, spend time in, be with your children, with a friend or on your own, have coffee, meet people and chat, get some exercise, enjoy nature, trees, flowers, birds and bees and learn

about them. A community hub.

We started the process with an initial public meeting and our inauguration which we held on 30th November 2017. We met local residents to get ideas of what they wanted. We were amazed by the richness of ideas that have come forward. The most popular idea was support for a new cafe and pavilion, for many horticultural and ecological projects, events, games and activities that all ages and abilities can join in. we are fortunate to already have a well-established Little League who play on the pitches on Saturday mornings throughout the season. They are our partners in seeking the development of a pavilion.


We developed a Masterplan on this basis of our consultations and are gradually going back to the users of the Rec, local residents, groups and organisations, gathering their views of our Masterplan. This will be published on this website by midsummer, 2019.


Some of our plans are long term...a new pavilion for example, but there are other areas where we can make an impact more quickly. For example our annual Springfest in March, Fun Day and Dog Show in June, and our Silver Sunday event in October.

A medium term goal is to establish the Junior Park Run this year. Throughout the year we have had events based on increasing biodiversity in the Rec and our events have included people from 6 years old to 60. It has been very heart-warming to see children and older people working together. These events have been very well supported and it is amazing how quickly 500 bulbs or 120 saplings can be planted.....and, of course, we always end with tea and home-made cake, the ultimate motivator!


Do join our email list contact to keep up to date with news...and come and volunteer....as little or as much as you are comfortable with.

Gloria Martin


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