about the friends

A group of local residents got together with the aim of working with the community to improve the Rec. We wanted to make this green space a potential resource for all; a place you might: walk to, spend time in, be with your children, with a friend or on your own, have coffee, meet people and chat, get some exercise, enjoy nature, trees, flowers, birds and bees and learn about them.  A community hub.


We have started this process with an initial public meeting which we held on 30th November 2017 and a second on March 2nd 2018 so we are gradually getting to meet more stakeholders and understand more of how residents would like to enjoy the rec. We were amazed by the richness of ideas that have come forward. The most popular idea was support for a new cafe and pavilion, for many horticultural and ecological projects, events, games and activities that all ages and abilities can join in.


So, what next? We are working with stakeholders to develop the proposal and then we will go out to consultation. This is a long term goal but in the meantime we are working on short and medium term ecological projects, events and activities.


Look out for some volunteers working around the green spaces that border the pitches and a Fun Day with a Father’s Day Theme on June 17th. Join our email list contact info@folar.net….and  come and volunteer....as little or as much as you are comfortable with.


Gloria Martin