the committee

Gloria Martin

Chair and Communications Lead

(retired Clinical Psychologist)

Linda Eve

Secretary & Inclusion Lead

(Retired Physiotherapist)

Peter Taunton

Treasurer & Ecology and Horticulture Lead

(retired Director of Housing and Leisure Services, RBK. Four grandsons use the Rec) 

Debra Levy

Events Lead

(A violin teacher and chamber music coach. Worked in school recruitment for international students)

Asa Backman

Masterplan and Buildings Lead

(Working as a Senior Architect and is a member of Kingston Forum. Has two children at Latchmere School)

Saphina Sharif

Fundraising Lead & Management Plan Lead

(Professional Project Manager, STEM Ambassador and member of Kingston Forum. Has two children at Fernhill School)

Vincenzo Calenzo

Catering Lead and Social  Media

(Working in hospitality industry. Member of Kingston Forum and has a son at Latchmere School) 


Sue Matthews

Co-opted in winter months

(Has a marquee hire business and previously worked in community development) 

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History of the Rec


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