Consultation Plan

Our motto is “rooted in the community” and we are aiming to have a consultation process that makes this a reality.  We are committed to including all sections of the community and to having a transparent and democratic process in the development of the Rec.  


We would be happy to hear from any individuals or groups who have views about how they would like to be able to use the rec. Contact


There have been several stages in the consultation process:


1. A well advertised public consultation where residents met in groups with a facilitator to share and develop their ideas for the rec. (November 2018)


2. A follow up morning consultation in Tudor Library where ideas previously generated were shared and level of support for those ideas assessed. (March 2018)


3. On the basis of these consultations, there were discussions with local groups and individuals, a gathering of email feedback and a Draft Masterplan was developed (Oct 2018) .


4. Further consultations are underway. 

Public meetings are due to be held over the coming months. 

A comprehensive consultation to Rec users is happening in the Spring. 


5. Our advertising of consultations is:

- on the Rec gates, a month in advance

- on our noticeboard on the Rec

- by email to those on our own email list  

- through email lists of schools and local residents groups

- in libraries

- on the ‘next-door’ website

Results of 1st Consultation

Results of 2nd Consultation

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