caring for and managing the rec

Residents  Concerns


Residents are very concerned that the Rec is well looked after in all respects.


Often mentioned were the following:-


*paths are muddy especially near the gates.


*automatically closing gates are needed and although this was addressed, at present most of them don't close automatically. 


*vandalism that affects us all. It is always disappointing and infuriating! It is particularly frustrating because it doesn't seem like anyone can do anything to stop it.


However, some Friends of Green Spaces have had some success which is good to know


*drug taking on the Rec. We are discussing this with our dedicated Ward Police Officer, Tom Walker. He has asked that if residents see criminal behaviour which is not an emergency, they should note the time, place and a description of the individuals and email him the information <>


If a pattern emerges, he will address it. If younger children are involved in any criminal behaviour, such as delivering drugs, then this is an emergency and 999 should be called. 

The Green Flag Award Scheme


We are looking at Standards of Good Management of Green Spaces set out by the Green Flag Award Scheme.  We are just beginning  this process but once we have established our starting point, we will be able to set targets of good management.

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History of the Rec


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