our birth and our vision

Our Birth and Our Vision


Our history is very short! In Autumn, 2017, a group of local residents got together with the aim of working with the community to improve the Rec. We wanted to make this green space a potential resource for all as: a place you might walk to; a place to spend time in, be with your children, a friend or on your own; a place to meet people and chat over coffee; a place to get some exercise; a place to enjoy nature, trees, flowers, the birds and the bees in and learn about them.


We are very aware that we are not the first to try to improve the Rec. We have learnt about the efforts of those who have tried to make improvements in the past and are grateful for their advice and sharing of their experiences. 


Our Vision


"For Latchmere Recreation Ground to embody the community cohesion and spirit of North Kingston. It will be known as an attractive, well-managed and valued neighbourhood green space that has something for everyone, from open fields for general recreation to areas for quiet reflection. The pavilion will offer a sense of community, providing a focal point for a range of activities”


Community Inclusion, Well-Being and Biodiversity are at the heart of what FoLaR is seeking to achieve for Latchmere Rec and the North Kingston families that it serves.

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