Latchmere Road, Kingston, KT2 5TT

Latchmere Recreation Ground is wonderfully situated in the heart of our community.  A green space, of almost nine acres, given to us by Lord Dysart in 1904 for recreation. There are lots of football pitches,   some very neglected toilets, a large metal container on a concrete base and some beautiful trees, but not many.

At the moment it is great for dog walkers, It is pretty good for children playing football, it is used by some fitness instructors, it has a playground which is very well used, and we walk across it to get to school. It is very much valued by all, despite its shortcomings, but it could be better used and enjoyed by more of the local residents than currently benefit from it.


There are opportunities to make it more biodiverse around the perimeter, to have a café, a pavilion even.  We could build on Little League’s excellent work over many years with football,  increasing the range of activities that are available, particularly over the summer.

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