Native hedges, comprising local species such as hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel and dog rose, provide food and shelter for a range of birds, mammals and insects and we would like to plant hedge around the whole boundary. This would transform the Rec in terms of the quantity and variety of wildlife that it supports. 

In one of our first initiatives, in February 2018, with the help of children from Latchmere School, we planted 100 hedging trees against the boundary fence in the ‘copse’ at the North-East corner of the Rec. The plants initially grew well but, sadly, many succumbed to the severe drought in the summer. 

Children hedge planting February 2018

However, we in FoLaR are not easily deterred, so we organised another, larger, planting session in November and set up a watering system which should enable the hedge to ‘weather’ future droughts. In this, recent, planting session, our volunteers were brilliantly supported by volunteers from the charity ‘Goodgym’. We are grateful to the Woodland Trust for the free trees they provided.

Adult volunteers - hedge- planting – November 2018​​

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