We want to bring as much colour as we can to the Rec but we need to ensure that we can maintain whatever we plant (the Council has no money for maintaining any additional planting). So, we are planning the following:-


Bulbs need no maintenance so are an ideal way to bring colour to the Rec.

In November 2018 we planted over 200 bulbs among the trees at the South-western corner. 

These were all native varieties, wild daffodils, winter aconites and bluebells. The first daffodils have emerged, the winter aconites should be along soon and the bluebells in April.

We plan to plant more in the autumn and will continue with our native-only policy.

Planting bulbs November 2018

Wildflower seeds

We will consider planting a small area of wildflowers. These bring quick results and attract pollinating insects but can look scruffy after the flowers die. 

Cultivated flowers/ flower beds 

We are hoping to set up a gardening club which would enable us to establish and maintain small flower beds. The absence of any garden infrastructure on the Rec at present limits the scope for flower beds but we are hoping to start some gardening this year to brighten the area around the Little League containers, an area where we would like to see a temporary café provision. In the longer term, the provision of a new pavilion and café building, would create the opportunity for formal (possibly raised) flower beds.

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