The community wants lots of improvements to facilities and some are on their way!



Top of the list was a Cafe! After nearly 4 years of work with the Council we will finally be ready to launch our cafe in late summer 2021. Watch this space!



The toilets were always awful as there were no funds to maintain them well and so we worked with the Council to find a solution. The mens toilets were closed, the women’s toilets were made unisex and were refurbished. In the future the cleaning and maintenance will be undertaken by the cafe operator. 

Picnic Tables

The three picnic tables arrived in 2019, now so well used it's difficult to remember life without them. We have identified positions for a few more and will seek donations or funding for these.


More benches are very important to you. Idverde runs a memorial bench scheme and several have already been placed as part of this scheme. If you would like to buy a memorial bench, please contact 


Three old picnic tables were donated, renovated by us and placed in the sensory garden where they have proved to be very popular.



We have very popular playgrounds which cater chiefly for the younger age group/Under 9s. We hope to develop an Adventure Playground for older children and a table tennis table. (see Masterplan).