Our motto is “rooted in the community”  and we are aiming to have a consultation process that makes this a reality.  We would be happy to hear from any individuals or groups who have views about how they would like to be able to use the rec.


There will be several stages in the consultation process.


1. A well advertised public  consultation where residents meet in groups with a facilitator to share and develop their ideas for the rec.   


2.  Focused consultations with stakeholders 


3.  Assessing the level of support for the different ideas that have been generated in the public meetings. This will be done by undertaking an online survey using ‘survey monkey’. This method will hopefully generate a larger number of responses than could be achieved in a meeting.


4.  Drawing up of a plan using the evidence gained for support of the different ideas.


5.   Presenting this plan to the community and having discussion sessions around it. Hopefully by this time we will have enough of a consensus to move forward i.e. most people getting most of what they want (but of course none of us will get everything we want!). From these sessions any well supported revisions will be made.

There may be constraints on our plans from, for example, the planning process, possibly from funding bodies and perhaps from other sources as yet unknown.

With regards to time scale, we would like to have a plan by late spring/ early summer.

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